Ray Ives turns 80

Today a legend of my commercial diving course, turned 80 years old. Ray Ives. In my opinion, one of the most remarkable instructors that were at Fort Bovisand Underwater Centre in Plymouth. Nowadays Fort Bovisand is closed and it’s future unsure. Ray Ives however, lives on. The special contents of his basement found refuge in the Dive Museum in Plymouth. It was truly unbelievable what he had collected from beneath the surface and stowed away in his basement. Every now and then he would invite students to his basement to have a look around and taste the stuff he brew there also. The museum is still on the to-do list to visit. Also having a look at the current situation at Bovisand would be very nice. Maybe, maybe… For now : happy birthday Ray Ives!


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Oké dan, ik duik, maak graag foto's en doe een vreemd spelletje wat "geocaching" heet. Verder heb ik thuis nog wat Malawi cichliden zwemmen. Dat geocachen laat zich het beste beschrijven met het gebruiken van miljoenen kostende satellieten om tupperware in het bos te vinden. In het Engels klinkt dat toch allemaal veel beter "I use multi million dollar satellites to find Tupperware in the woods"

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